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McCorkle Park

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Park Description
McCorkle Park is located in the historic downtown area of Cameron on 2.5 acres. It is host to many events including the Relay for Life and Cameron’s annual BBQ competition as well as several other events. The Cameron Municipal Band performs in the Thomas Price Pavilion during the summer months. Located in the park are the Firemen’s Memorial, Thomas Price Pavilion, Cameron Shamrock, and Learning Stones. 

The Firemen's Memorial
Firemen's Memorial in McCorkle Park
The Firemen’s Memorial in McCorkle Park was built in 1971 to honor the City of Cameron’s many volunteer firefighters and it displays a 1928 Studebaker fire truck plus other competition trophies and mementos. The truck is occasionally brought out of retirement to compete in antique firefighting tournaments and for parades. For decades, the Cameron Municipal Band held its summer concerts on the Memorial’s roof before the band constructed the Price Pavilion in 2001.

Thomas Price Pavilion
The Bandshell

The Cameron Municipal Band built the Pavilion in 2001 to honor a distinguished local band instructor. The Venue in downtown McCorkle Park continues the century-old tradition for weekly, summertime concerts by the City of Cameron’s 50-member band which was formed in 1866 and is one of Missouri’s last remaining tax-supported city bands. Voters approved a band tax in 1929 and for years the musicians performed atop the nearby Firemen’s Memorial. The Chamber of Commerce’s Pride Committee has added sturdy benches and sidewalks. Ripley’s Believe it or Not once featured municipal band musician Dordie Bowen who played in the band for over 50 years. 

The Shamrock
The Shamrock with embedded Blarney Stone nestles next to the Cameron stones in McCorkle Park which were visible for decades to train passengers as they traversed central Cameron. Although the tracks were removed decades ago, the shamrock is a reminder of the influence of Irish immigrants to Cameron’s history. Cameronites of Irish decent hold an annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration with a parade (which follows a wobbly green line painted by a tipsy Irishman), lunch at St. Munchin’s Catholic Church featuring Irish stew, and an evening of merrymaking.

The Learning Stones
Learning Stones

The Learning Stones are arranged in McCorkle Park across from the library where students and citizens can gather outdoors to hear stories, conduct activities and study. It is a project of the Pride Committee of the Cameron Chamber on Commerce.

The Thomas Price Pavilion is available to reserve. Reservations are available for the current year after the first of the year. If you request a reservation for a date in the next year, your request will be declined.  Please Contact Cameron City Hall for reservations.


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