Code Compliance


Code Compliance staff is responsible for enforcing the Codes of the City of Cameron, in particular, those codes which result in a public nuisance.

Code compliance in Cameron is complaint-driven, meaning that most investigations and citations are a result of citizen complaints. Citizens may contact City Hall or utilize this website to report a complaint. While conducting their daily activities, Code Compliance staff may also cite violations that they observe.


When a violation is observed, a letter which includes a photo of the observed violation is sent to the property owner notifying them of the situation. The owner has seven to 10 days to abate the problem, as determined by the type of violation, and if abated, there will be no further action by the City. Property owners are urged to contact Code Compliance staff if they need an extension of the abatement period. For violations which are not abated and for which no special arrangements have been made, a citation is issued for Municipal Court.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life by eliminating public nuisances and enforcing City codes.