Parking In Parkway PLAN

City Announces Parkway Parking Plan 

If you have been parking in the parkway, you will need to apply for a permit to continue doing so. Parking in the parkway means you park your vehicle between the back of the curb or edge of pavement to the sidewalk or property line. Over the years many property owners throughout the City have created these parking spaces, even though such next-to-the-street parking has never been legal except by City Council authority.

The Cameron City Council has been considering the issue after complaints from citizens who have restricted access to sidewalks as they are blocked by these vehicles. Now, the City is devising a solution and the Council is preparing to amend the City Code that could allow most residents to continue parking in the parkway as long as certain safety concerns are met.

In order to resolve the issue of where spaces are allowed, the City has identified 207 properties with parkway parking. The list of the addresses can be viewed here to allow residents to research their location. City Manager Watson asks residents to check the list and, if they wish to continue to park on the parkway, to contact City Hall. They will be given a permit application which they must complete, sign and return. City staff will inspect to make sure there are no safety issues such as distance from an intersection or fire hydrant, sightline hazard, or sidewalk interference. Once the permit is acted on, it will be returned to the applicant. If you don’t find your address on the list and your property has been missed, submit a permit application and City staff will inspect it.

The term “parkway” refers to the strip beside the street between the sidewalk or property line, and the curb or edge of pavement. The parkway also contains overhead and underground utilities and usually a grassy strip. This is where the parking issue has arisen. The problem is that the parkway-the grassy strip-is part of the entire street right-of-way and is owned by the City, or the State in the case of a highway. Homeowners and businesses are expected to provide off-street or private parking spaces on their property. Some older properties, however, have little parking space and growing families and an increasing number of vehicles have caused residents to seek additional parking on the street, off the street, and in the parkway.

The City emphasizes that no new parking in the parkway will be allowed, and only those properties which have used parkway parking prior to 2005 will be considered. On January 18, 2005 the City enacted the “access management” Ordinance which requires a permit for any work within the street right-of-way such as driveways. The parking permit could be revoked if, for example, a garage was constructed or a street sign was installed. Permit holders will be required to maintain the parking area and the parking area cannot be enlarged.

While the City Council has not yet formally acted on the parking amendments, efforts are underway to begin the process by having residents who park in the parkway contact the City and submit a parking application.