City Clerk


The City Clerk's office is the custodian of records. The City Clerk is responsible for the following duties:
  • Preparing, updating, and maintaining the Code of the City of Cameron, Missouri.
  • Posting notices for open meetings.
  • Preparing and updating Council meeting agendas and packets.
  • Preparing minutes of Council meetings.
  • Preparing, reviewing, coordinating, and controlling ordinances, resolutions, and contracts.
  • Receiving and managing phone calls from those interested in Council actions.
  • Responding to requests for information, copies, and certified copies, either by phone or correspondence pursuant to requirements of the Missouri Sunshine Law.
  • Selling cemetery spaces, preparing and maintaining cemetery deeds, and answering inquiries from public about interments and cemetery deeds for McDaniel, Packard, Evergreen, Graceland and Graceland Memorial Cemeteries.
  • Administering Liquor Licenses and Business Licenses.
  • Serving as the liaison with the County election authorities for City of Cameron elections including:
    • Accepting filings for elected offices
    • Certifying election results
    • Administering the oath of office to public officials
  • Certifying the validity of City documents for court evidence.
  • Overseeing the maintenance of personnel records and benefit information.
  • Maintaining the custody of the official seal of the City.
  • Supervising City Hall clerical staff.