Mayor & City Council

Council 2020-2021 (masks)

(L-R: Becky Curtis, Darlene Breckenridge, Dennis M. Clark, Julie Ausmus, Roy Estes)


  • 6:00 pm
  • First and third Monday of each month
  • Council Chambers at City Hall


  • Mayor Dennis M. Clark
  • Mayor Pro-Tem Julie Ausmus
  • Darlene Breckenridge
  • Becky Curtis
  • Roy Estes 

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The City Council is a five-member legislative body which is elected to three-year terms on a rotating schedule. Each year during the April election, Cameron citizens vote to elect either one or two council positions.

During council meetings, the council members vote to adopt policy and authorize contracts and agreements by passing ordinances or resolutions that become law. They also hold public hearings, appoint board members to various committees and boards, address concerns of the public, and recognize individuals, groups, and events through proclamations.

Public attendance at council meetings is encouraged. Each meeting features two opportunities for public participation, one at the beginning and another near the end.

Committee Appointments

Finance & Budget

Chair:  Darlene Breckenridge
Becky Curtis

Personnel/Economic Development

(includes Codes, Comprehensive Plan oversight)
Chair: Becky Curtis
Darlene Breckenridge


(includes Water, Sewer, Electric, Public/City Buildings)
Chair:  Dennis M. Clark
Julie Ausmus

Public Works
(includes Parks, Streets, Airport, Solid Waste, Storm Water, et al)
Chair: Dennis Clark                  *updated 5/7/2019
Julie Ausmus

Public Safety
Chair: L. Corey Sloan (replaced by Roy Estes)
Julie Ausmus

Policies and Procedures
Chair:  Becky Curtis
L. Corey Sloan (replaced by Roy Estes)

Great Northwest Wholesale Water Commission

Becky Curtis

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) DeKalb County Extension
Julie Ausmus

MO-KAN Citizen Representative
Quinten Lovejoy

MO-KAN Public Official
Community Development Director (staff)

MO-KAN Region D Representative
Dennis M. Clark